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How to use airtight zippers
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How to storage waterproof zipper.
How to install airtight zippers.
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How to Repair a Dry Suit Zipper

How to install airtight zippers.

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PROCESS OF INSTALLING: The front and the back side of the zipper are ready to be installed and applied on fabric base or with a POLYURETHANE and PVC coating. Both sides are easily glued to a NEOPRENE support or other Rubber Bases.

The following processes are recommended:
GLUING: glues function easily and perfectly. Recommend use black witch Glue for neoprene.  And you can use glue Bostik 2402, which is a high performance Two-Part adhesive and MOD approved. Ideally suited to all Drysuit repairs such as seal, zip and boot replacements and seam taping.

SEWING ON: Stitches must be covered with compatible coating to make the whole set waterproof.



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