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How to Repair a Dry Suit Zipper

How to Repair a Dry Suit Zipper

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Keeping your dry suit dry is impossible if your zipper does not close properly and allows water to leak inside. If you don't have any sewing experience, replacing a zipper on a dry suit can be a very costly procedure. Before you attempt to have the zipper replaced, you can try a few products to repair the zipper by removing unwanted dirt and salt particles. For multi-purpose dive suits, you can also apply a zipper lubricant to ensure the zipper moves as it should.


    • 1

      Purchase a zipper cleaner and lubricant for use on wet and dry suits.

    • 2

      Unzip the zipper and brush generous amounts of the solution onto the zipper.3

    • Wipe off any excess cleaner. You should see a difference in the color of the zipper as particles and dirt are cleaned off.

    • 4

      Zip and unzip the zipper a few times so the cleaner and lubricant is evenly distributed.

    • 5

      Apply a multi-dive lubricant if you dive in a variety of conditions. This product should be applied sparingly, like chap stick, onto the teeth of the outer zipper.



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