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Close End Airtight Zippers
Open End Waterproof Zippers
Heavy duty Airtight Zippers
Dry suit
TPU or nylon waterproof zipper
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Heavy duty Airtight Zippers

Two Sliders watertight airproof zippers

  •Tents, flexible covers
  •Protective clothing for leisure,
safety and industrial applications (gas and chemical protection)
  •Flexible containers for electronic instruments, documents, machines and apparatus for storage and transport
  •Inflatable objects, jumping castles, advertising balloons etc.
  •Bags and backpacks for daily use and outdoor activities such as cycling, biking, sailing, hiking,climbing
...and various others

Technical specifications:

Size:NO.8 (8TZN CR airtight zippers)
Teeth material: cupronickel
Tape material: Chloroprene rubber (CR)  Neoprene
Zipper Length: from 20CM to 5000CM
Zipper Width: 70 mm
Chain width: 7 mm

Cross tension Minimum:400N/in
Slider action docking Minimum:175N
Slider block break strength Minimum:450N
Airproof performance test Minimum:200Kpa
Slider action closing Maximum:75N
Slip strength Maximum:55N
Reciprocating times Minimum:1000times

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