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10# TPU resin airtight zipper waterproof zipper open end

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10# TPU resin airtight zipper waterproof zipper OPEN END, custom order length 15Cm to 5000CM.

Resin airtight zipper is mainly composed of polyester (cloth tape inner core), TPU thermoplastic polyurethane material (cloth tape encapsulation layer, front and rear sealing, zipper teeth), zinc alloy (slider) and other materials.

Resin airtight zipper has excellent airtight performance, and the waterproof level can reach the highest IPX8 level or above.

In addition, it is soft and light, it pulls smoothly, and its appearance is more compact and exquisite, making it more suitable for high-end outdoor waterpoof zippers.

Lateral breaking strength of meshed chain: Min: 450 N/in

Load to displace metal top stops: Min: 250N

Pressure requirements of fasteners: Min: 80KPA

Force to operate slider along chain: Max: 20N

Force to dock and undock slider: Max: 55N

Reciprocating requirements: Min: 2000 cycles

Test Method:

1. Lateral breaking strength of meshed chain testing method is to section of the zipper not less than 60mm and nip 25mm from the section. The distance from top to chain element should not exceed 10mm and the

slide velocity should be 110mm/min.

2. Reciprocating tests require the zipper length within 100cm and slide velocity within 10-15m/min.

HF Welded Waterproof & Airtight Zipper with TPU Fabric, best airtight function, hold air pressure over 60KPA.

HF (RF) Welded Waterproof & Airtight Seperated Zipper with TPU Fabric used for camp etc, super seal airtight function, hold air pressure over 60KPA.

Heavy Duty Resin Airtight Zipper & Waterproof Zippers with Weldable TPU fabric surface, it can be RF and hot welded for waterpoof zipper Ice cooler Bag, water walking ball, Outdoor Waterproof Bags etc.

HF (RF) Welded airtight Zipper is best airtight zipper, best waterproof zipper,

The waterproof zipper tape is TPU coated fabric, with resin teeth, the slider is metal or plastic, durable and easy to operate.
Custom order length is acceptable from 10CM to 5000CM, and available for continuous zipper chain in any length.


Soft ice buckets, incubators, refrigerators, waterproof fresh-keeping ice buckets, outdoor ice cube boxes, car fresh-keeping ice buckets for outdoor sports; outdoor snorkeling bags, outdoor waterproof backpacks, swimming bags, outdoor travel bags, and digital waterpoof zippers waterproof Bags, electronic equipment waterproof covers, electronic waterpoof zipper protection boxes; outdoor sports clothing, jackets, clothing pockets, storage bags, protective clothing; waterproof tents, disaster relief tents; diving suits, escape suits, life rafts, life-saving equipment; surfboards, surfing suits , Fishing clothes, fishing clothes, etc.

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