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8# TPU waterproof zipper airtight zipper IPX7 close end

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8# TPU waterproof zipper used for waterproof pouch, waterproof zipper bag, waterproof zipper boots, waterproof zipper jacket, waterproof zipper backpack, cooler bag.

Nylon waterproof zipper is mainly composed of nylon (woven zipper), TPU thermoplastic polyurethane material (waterproof layer), zinc alloy (slider) and other materials.

Nylon waterproof zipper is lighter and softer, and pulls more smoothly.Unlike metal airtight zippers, the thermoplasticity of the TPU material of nylon waterproof zippers makes it very convenient for thermoplastic welding with finished waterpoof zippers. The waterproof capacity of nylon waterproof zipper can reach IPX7 or above.

Product Name

100% waterproof zippers with waterproof grade IPX7 (SGS certificate), coated TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) both sides

Product Function

waterproof zippers IPX7, airtight zippers hold air pressure 30KPA, air proof and watertight zipper with smooth surface and ECO friendly, water resistant zippers can be hot welded or RF (high-frequency welding) with TPU, PVC, EVA,PET and other thermoplastic material. best waterproof function with flexibleand durable zippers. Provide zippers chain in yards or in pcs, close end or open end. Quality waterproof zippers for wholesale and retail.

Product Specifications

  • Zipper size: 8#
  • Zipper width: 40mm
  • Zipper thickness: 0.8mm
  • Zipper teeth: Nylon
  • Zipper tape: Polyester
  • Zipper color: black (or custom optional colors)
  • Zipper length: custom length from 10CM to 50CM
  • Slider material: zinc(non magnetic) or plastic optional
  • Airtight Pressure: Min 30KPA

Product Applications

Soft ice buckets, incubators, refrigerators, waterproof fresh-keeping ice buckets, outdoor ice cube boxes, car fresh-keeping ice buckets for outdoor sports; outdoor snorkeling bags, outdoor waterproof backpacks, swimming bags, outdoor travel bags, and digital waterpoof zippers waterproof Bags, electronic equipment waterproof covers, electronic waterpoof zipper protection boxes; outdoor sportswear, jackets, clothing pockets, storage bags, protective clothing; waterproof tents, disaster relief tents, etc.

  • Various waterproof bags: Ice-cooler bags, Dry bags, Out door bags, Storage bags, Beach bags, biking bags and Picnica bags, Car roof bags etc
  • Protective and heavy duty clothing: Rescue & Survival suit, semi-dry suits, Anti hazardous suit, Chemical suit(against chemical gas), Heat preservation suit, Submarine escape suit, Radiation protection suit, medical protective suit, Medical Cpap mask, wet suit etc
  • Water and out sport products: Swimming Boating, swimming pouches, Snorkeling Surfing, cycling, sailing, hiking, climbing, Walking water ball,Tents, flexible covers, Rafting bag, Fishing bag etc
  • Inflatable objects: Hot air balloons, air cushion, jumping castles, advertising balloons etc
  • Shoes & Apparel: Rain boots, Hiking shoes, Bike jacket, Sailing jacket, winter coat, motorcycle raincoat etc
  • Packing products: Flexible containers for electronic instruments, documents, machines and apparatus for storage and transport, body bags, packing container, paking boxes etc
  • Other products: with airtight and waterproof requirements.
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