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KINsealed immersion suit zipper 8TZ CR Airtight Zippers waterproof zippers for survival suit

Width of zipper teeth: 7.0 MM ​Total width of zipper: 70.0 MM ​Lateral breaking strength of meshed chain: ≥ 350N/in ​Breaking Strength of composite slider and tug: ≥ 450N ​Load to displace metal top stops: ≥ 175N ​Pressure requirements of fasteners: ≥ 100Kpa ​Force to operate slider along chain: < 55N ​Force to dock and undock slider: < 75N ​Reciprocating requirements: ≥500cycles ​Weight: 220g/pcs (order length 100CM)

Zipper Technology

Order Length From 20cm to500cm ​Zipper Color Black ​Teeth Material cupronickel ​Tape Material Chloroprene(Neoprene) ​Zipper Function 100% waterproof & airtight ​Connection Method Sewing & seam seal, gluing


Dry suit, semi-dry suit, fishing wader, chemical suit, space suit, military weapons and missiles suit, aircraft, and equipment seal flexible packaging etc. Technical apparel (Sailing, motorcycle)

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